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Marthje has 'art' in her name. The art of looking, combining and creating. As the daughter of a Limburg artist couple, she has been given this from her youngest childhood. Her sculpting father in particular was a source of information and inspiration. He is seen as the creative, witty spirit that instilled in Marthje a love for natural materials, colors, lines, flowers, shapes and motifs.


It became a passion, which she further developed at the Art Academy and perfected in practice. You can see that in Marthje's jewelry. In which she forges creativity, individuality and personality into a unity by bringing stones, pearls and crystals together with numerous other materials. The result? n heart "




"I don't just look with my eyes
but also with my heart "


Unique beauty. Sophisticated appearance. One of a kind design. At first glance you will be overwhelmed by the bold colors, the surprising details, the remarkable flair. You immediately realize, “This is for me! Made for me. Just for me... . This is right! This fits. This is me. ”

You can feel that when you wear it. You can see that when you look in the mirror. You notice that in the people who look at you. And you can hear that all around you admiringly: Marthje has 'art' in her name. Art is not a painting, poem or sculpture. Not even a ring, bracelet or earring. Art is a process of looking, combining and creating. It gives you confidence and brings out the best in you.


Jewels by Marthje - Art Yourself

When Marthje was young