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Monzario by Marthje


Monzario by Marthje, this collection in 14 carat gold, silver and gold filled is exclusively designed and made in small editions for the jewelery industry. This collection is exclusively available through our distributor Boelens Trading.

Monzario by Marthje - earringsMonzario by Marthje - earringsMonzario by Marthje - earrings

Boelens Trading BV
Since 1989, Monzario has been designing a beautiful collection of elegant jewelry for every woman. The jewelry is stylish, timeless and gives a feeling of luxury. The Monzario collection consists of more than 1000 different models so that every woman can find something that suits her. Monzario's jewelry is beautifully finished in both gold and silver. 

www.monzario.com | www.boelenstrading.nl | [email protected]

Monzario by Marthje - braceletMonzario by Marthje - earringsMonzario by Marthje - bracelet